Archery classifications

As well as entering competitions, classifications are a great way to track your own personal progress, and a great way to collect progress badges to proudly display on your kit! 

Outdoor classifications

For outdoor target archery there are 6 classification levels in the Archery GB Classification Scheme:

  • 3rd Class
  • 2nd Class
  • 1st Class
  • Bowman (BM) / Junior Bowman: top 15% of all UK archers
  • Master / Junior Master Bowman (MB): top 4% of all UK archers
  • Grand Master Bowman (GMB): top 1% of all UK archers

The first four classifications can be awarded by your club. The highest two, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman, can only be obtained from scores shot at record status competitions. You will need to achieved a minimum score 3 times in one season, based on your type of bow and the round shot, to be awarded that classification. Once you attain a certain classification, you can never go back and claim a lower classification. You can hold different classifications for different bow types.

For more information on the scores needed to achieve a classification, please download the following based on the type of bow being used:

Here at Rickmansworth Archery Club we also run the ‘252’ award scheme, which can help archers track their progress and improve their confidence to shoot at longer distances. This is where an archer shoots three dozen arrows at a single imperial distance (e.g. 20 yards, 30 yards etc). The archer must score at least 252 points three times at a single distance over a season to be awarded the badge. The score needed differs slightly for compound bows, barebows and longbows. You can find more information and the qualifying scores here.

Indoor classifications

We also award classifications for indoor shooting. These differ from outdoor classification badges and are graded from A-H. The same principles apply, an archer must achieve a minimum scores three times over the indoor season to be awarded the badge. You can find the qualifying scores for each type of bow here.

The club has recently also introduced the ‘Portsmouth award’ badge scheme, which has proved popular. An archer must shoot a Portsmouth round (60 arrows at a distance of 20 yards), and can claim a badge when scoring between 300 and 600. Badges are available in 25 point increments from scores of 300 to 575 and the 5 point increments up to 600. You only need to achieve a minimum score twice to claim the relevant badge.