Disciplinary and appeal procedure

Following any misconduct by a member of Rickmansworth Archery Club the following document may be used to explain what action may be taken and how any appeal procedures may take place.

Actions that may be taken in the event of the above will be at the discretion of the Club Committee and will either be a warning in writing or outright dismissal from the Club if it is felt that the severity and nature of the offence requires this. It must be pointed out that other conduct (good and bad) prior to and after any such misdemeanour may be taken into account when making a decision.

An appeal against any such decision will be permitted at which time all Club Members will be given the chance to vote on whether to uphold the Committee’s decision or to allow the re-instatement of that Member. The Member making the appeal will have the right to attend and address the Members present at the Appeal Extraordinary General Meeting.

Abusive behaviour is to include verbal and physical abuse as well as threat of physical violence.

If a Member is dismissed from the Club they will be notified in writing within 14 days of the Committee being informed of any offence.

No Member will be permitted to attend any Club gatherings or meetings after receiving notification of their membership having been terminated unless by specific invitation of the Committee.

An appeal against membership termination will be permitted if received within 14 days of notification and must be sent to the Club Secretary in writing.

An Appeal Extraordinary General Meeting will be called within 14-21 days of receipt of notification for an appeal if any, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

A member outside of the Committee or some one from outside of the Club may be called to chair the Meeting of Appeal if this is required in the event of a dispute with any present Chairman or Committee Member of the Club and the person chosen must be acceptable to both parties.

Voting at an Appeal Meeting will only be taken by those members of the Club present at the meeting and will take the form of a secret ballot where only the Chairman of the meeting and Secretary will have knowledge of the votes. Only the outcome of the decision taken by the members will be divulged.

A decision to re-instate or make permanent the membership termination will be effective from that date and will be confirmed in writing.