Archery competitions

Competitions in target archery are held both indoors and outdoors depending on the time of year. There are a huge range of options and rounds for competitions, giving everyone an opportunity to get involved.

Each competition or tournament has a level attached to it.

  • World Record Status (WRS): The highest level of competition that give an archer a chance to claim a World, European or National Record.
  • UK Record Status (RS): giving archers an opportunity to shoot for a National Record.
  • Non-Record Status (NRS): a more relaxed type of competition or tournament, and are where many archers start when they enter competitions.

Our club members regularly enter local and regional competitions, and we are proud to say we often feature among the top performers!

At Rickmansworth Archery Club we hold regular club competitions for our members, giving them an opportunity to compete alongside their fellow members and experience shooting under competition conditions. In the winter months, we also hold a regular Frostbite competition, shooting a Frostbite round (3 dozen arrows at 30 metres, shooting at an 80cm target face) outdoors, with awards presented at the end along with soup and a roll to keep everyone warm!

Frostbite awards