Shooting etiquette

Etiquette is purely a matter of good manners and behaviour towards fellow archers. At Rickmansworth Archery a good archer:

  • Does not talk in a loud voice when others are shooting.
  • Does not talk to another archer who obviously prefers to be silent.
  • Does not offer advice to others unless specifically asked.
  • Does not make any exclamations on the shooting line which might disturb other archers who are in the act of shooting.
  • Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores.
  • Does not walk off the shooting line while a neighbour archer is at full draw.
  • Does not go behind the target to retrieve arrows before scores have been recorded.
  • Does not shoot distances beyond their capability, continually missing the target and holding up shooting.
  • Does not touch anyone else’s equipment without their express permission.
  • Does not draw or pick up another’s arrows unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Takes into account other archers shooting on the same target especially when positioning foot markers and always allows sufficient space for others.
  • Does not smoke, eat or drink on or near the shooting line.
  • Does not leave any litter on the archery grounds.
  • Does not disturb fellow archers with mobile phone ringtones or speaking on the phone on or by the shooting/waiting line or targets.
  • When calling scores, does so in groups of three – for example: ‘7-7-5’ pause ‘5-3-1’.
  • Does not touch any arrow on the target face until all arrow values have been recorded and checked.
  • If s/he breaks another’s arrow or equipment, offer to pay for it immediately.
  • Thanks the Target Captain at the end of the round for recording the scores.
  • Does not leave it to others to put out and/or put away the archery equipment but offers help when needed.

The Field Captain helps to keep each shoot running smoothly and to keep members safe. At all times, whenever shooting takes place, it must be under the control of the appointed field captain.

  • A Field Captain must be appointed to control archery before any shooting takes place.
  • The Field Captain has sole and absolute authority on all aspects of archery safety.
  • No-one will shoot until the Field Captain is satisfied with all the safety arrangements for archery, the archers, and the general public.
  • The Field Captain will be a full senior member of the club – juniors are not allowed to be Field Captain.
  • The Field Captain will signal to start shooting by giving one short whistle blast.
  • The Field Captain will signal arrows to be collected by giving three short whistle blasts.
  • All lost arrows must be found before leaving the archery field. If an arrow is not found, the Field Captain must be informed.